Sour Grapes

ISBN 978-1425944292

Sour Grapes is about helping fault finders, complainers, and those that have an excuse for their misfortunes.

In the Old Testament the people of God blamed their parents for their pitiful lives. Today it's no different, a lot of us point fingers and play the blame game.

Breaking the Code

ISBN 978-1425943332

Breaking the Code deals with our secrets, obsessions, and silence. Because women tend to be secret keepers and remain silent when they should cry for help, this book was written for you; to give you hope, and let you know that you are not alone. I share with you my pain, my story, and my thoughts, as well as my healing process.

What in The Hell Do You Want?

ISBN 978-1504364034

What in Hell do You Want? Is taken from the parable "The Richman and Lazarus" with a surprising twist. Hell can be in your mind, your job, a living breathing part of you. Hell can be stopped. it brings awareness of the decisions and choices a person makes and the impact on their life. Good habits are learned like bad habits through practice!

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